Trop Rockin'
New Year's Eve

Help us reserve you a seat

To help us find the best seat for you, we need:
1.  Your Name (needs to match name on ticket order)
2.  Number of tickets you ordered
3.  General area you like to sit (i.e. front, middle, back).
4.  If you are part of a group, specify your group name (i.e. Palm Beach Parrot Head Club or Smith Party). Note: You may need to coordinate with others in your group and agree on a group name if the tickets are ordered individually.  Example: A group of 8 people (4 couples) want to sit together. Each couple is buying their own tickets. They decide to call it the Smith Party.  John Smith orders his two tickets and specifies "Smith Party" on the form. Bob Jones orders his two tickets and since he wants to sit with the Smiths He specifies Smith Party on the form.  Same for the other two couples. Groups larger than 8 can still specify the same group name, it will just require 2 tables close together.

3. General seating area. Check One

Near band and dance floor

Not too close, not too far, just right
A little quieter

i.e. Palm Beach Parrot Head Club or Smith Party or None if not part of a group larger than the number of tickets you ordered. If a group is listed you will be seated with your ticket holders and then with the group you specified. If you specify None you will still be seated with your ticket holders. Example if you order 2 tickets and specify "None", the two in your party are still seated together.

I'm easy
*Tables seat 8 people
*Everyone will be assigned a table based on the information you submit here.
*Once everyone is seated feel free to trade seats